The service and maintenance fees described in this website, and any other fees permitted under the Rules and Regulations, will be deducted from your account. We shall not be liable if such deductions cause an overdraft in your account or reduce your daily balance below the minimum required to earn interest. If the funds in your account are insufficient to pay any fees charged to your account, you agree to pay us the remaining fees in cash. If your account is a joint account, you are jointly and severally liable for any fees charged to your account.

We may change or amend our Schedule of Fees, Interest Rates and Minimum Balances at any time. Any changes or amendments will be effective not less than 30 days after we give you notice of them by posting them in our lobby or mailing them to you at the address shown on your signature card or an address that you have later given us in writing. By keeping your account open after the notice period, you agree to the changes and amendments.