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FRAUD WATCH: Recognize Phone Spoofing

Freddie Mac’s Single-Family Fraud Risk (SFFR) team has recently learned of a scam where consumers get a phone call that appears to be coming from Freddie Mac − but the caller is an imposter. This scam is known as spoofing. Consumers have reported that:

  • Caller ID displays calls as coming from 1-800-FREDDIE.
  • Callers had publicly available information (i.e., street address or mortgage servicer name), which they attempted to use to gain consumers’ trust. In some cases, consumers receive multiple calls in a day.
  • Callers often don’t leave a message, but when they do reach a consumer, they offer a low interest rate on a new loan or other false promises.

Here are some useful tips you can remind your borrowers to follow if or when they are faced with a suspicious call:

Be cautious with caller ID. Scammers can make any name or number appear from anywhere in the world.

Let it go to voicemail. If a call is important, the caller will leave a message.

Hang up. If it’s a robocall, don’t press any numbers. Just hang up.

Offer no information. Never give out personal, financial or other sensitive information.

Be suspicious. Freddie Mac will not call you to promote an offer to refinance or obtain a new loan.

Block calls. Contact your internet provider or phone carrier to stop unwanted calls.

Report fraud. Reach out to your loan servicer or contact the Freddie Mac Fraud Hotline at 800-4 FRAUD 8, or through the fraud feedback form

If your borrowers are concerned that a call is not legitimate, they should hang up and call 1-800-FREDDIE or their mortgage servicer.

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